A convincing debut, a record that should be appreciated and tasted without haste as a beautiful jazz concert, an intense voice with a character of soul and the south of the States. A girl that deserves to be one of the most requested voices of Music City.” - Trex Weller

Amanda Raye

Amanda Raye


Amanda Raye’s music is a rich blend of soul and country seasoned with sassy jazz influences. We feel her living, learning, questioning, speculating, wishing and wanting. The lyrics she writes are poetry in motion, encouraging optimism and a special kind of love, a love that radiates from within. She reveals intimate details about the twists and turns encountered on her path and delivers them with a playful, knowing nod and wink, teasing and inspiring; simultaneously thought provoking and comforting.

As a pre-teen Amanda developed a voracious appetite for reading and was moved to write poetry. In her lyrics we hear maturity and sincerity borne out of a lifetime spent choosing and combining words to express thoughts and feelings.

Growing up in St. Louis, Amanda began singing in school choir before moving on to more formal, classical vocal training. Amanda calls the Beatles a lifelong influence and cites performers like Allison Krauss, Norah Jones, Patsy Cline, Sarah Vaughan and even Shirley Temple, as favorites. Roots country and contemporary alternative artists catch her attention these days.

Listen to her recordings or better yet, catch her on stage.

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